Metformin HCl – What is it?

What you need to know about Metformin HCl

One of the more often approved medications in treating diabetes is Metformin HCl (Glucophage®).  It is prescribed to type 2 diabetes patients to decrease their levels of blood sugar. Metformin hydrochloride is the abbreviated form of Metformin HCl.

The effects of the medicine are as follows:

1) Restricts the quantity of sugar the body absorbs from a diet;

2) Lowers the amount of sugar produced by the liver;

3) Aids the body to react to its insulin by making insulin receptors more receptive. The blood sugar level diminishes with these results.

Today, Metformin HCl is a leader in the most preferred brand of medications for diabetes treatments. An on-going inquiry of the tablet is being conducted, and new benefits are still spotted. Because of this the number of ailments treatable by Metformin is getting bigger. Side effects of Metformin are also being studied and an on-going research is aimed at minimizing them.

The fact the Metformin HCl is included in WHO’s list of essential medications support the drug’s reputation and popularity. Metformin HCl is perfectly safe for humans and nearly found with no side effects with proper dosage. A Metformin treatment is prescribed by your medical professional basing it on the condition of your health and the severity of your diabetes.

The dosage of Metformin HCl is usually once to thrice a day. It’s available in a few types and potencies such as tablets, syrup, or two distinct types for long treatment.

As compared to other diabetes treatment, with Metformin HCl, the patient is unlikely to suffer from hypoglycaemia (a serious condition where blood sugar is very low) because it doesn’t cause an increase of insulin in the body.

Metformin Dosage Information

Your health practitioner may prescribe a specific dosage for you based on a few aspects such as:

  • The way you control your diabetes.
  • Your other health conditions.
  • You may need extra medications.

Generally, you are not supposed to change your dose without consulting your medical practitioner.